DHI Hair Transplant

Although DHI Hair Transplantation is marketed as a unique procedure, it should be noted that this is only a name and method produced by the narrower marketing strategic area of traditional FUE hair transplantation. This procedure, which is based on the FUE process, has gained popularity as a new hair transplantation technique.

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DHI Hair Transplant
How Is DHI Hair Transplantation Done?

The primary premise of DHI Hair Transplantation is to transfer grafts to the intended region of need without grooving, as is the case with traditional hair transplantation.

How Is DHI Hair Transplantation Done?

DHI hair transplantation is the process of transferring the grafts taken one by one from the donor area using special punches, performed under local anesthesia, to the haired or bald area with pens called Choi.

The grafts are placed into the needle by applying them from the open area of the needle at the tip of the Choi pen, which is appropriate for their diameter and length. The implant is applied by inserting the Choi pen into the skin at the suitable hair angle in the area to be transplanted and pressing the pushing mechanism on the top of the pen, leaving the graft within the skin. As a result, there is no damage to the graft as it enters the canal.

Advantages Of DHI Hair Transplant

  • It reduces the amount of time the retrieved grafts remain out of the tissue, resulting in a healthier and speedier transplant.
  • The absence of opening channels and incision scars greatly minimizes the rate of bleeding when compared to other procedures.
  • Crusting in tissue healing is less common due to the absence of incision marks.
  • Because DHI hair transplantation causes less damage to the hair follicles in the hairy area, it can be transplanted there.
  • Patients can return to their social lives sooner because their hair does not need to be trimmed.
Advantages Of DHI Hair Transplant
Factors Affecting The Success Of DHI Hair Transplant

Factors Affecting The Success Of DHI Hair Transplant

  • DHI hair transplantation should be performed by a team of experts who have the necessary qualifications and experience.
  • The Choi pencils used in the DHI hair transplant process are of poor quality in terms of sharpness and size.
  • The individual performing the transplant must determine the proper hair growth angle and direction.
  • Experts who place grafts in Choi pens should be careful to place them in the right size Choi pens to avoid injuring the hair follicle.

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Who Is DHI Hair Transplant Suitable For?

  • It should be emphasized that DHI hair transplantation is a delicate procedure that necessitates skill and knowledge.
  • Influencing DHI hair transplantation application and success
  • When we consider the challenges, it is more appropriate to provide a customized solution.
  • Patients who will have their hair tightened without causing damage to their current hair in the transplanted location
  • Patients who do not want to shave their hair but wish to return to their social lives swiftly
  • It is preferable to transplant DHI hair to regions where transplantation is not required.
Who Is DHI Hair Transplant Suitable For?
DHI Hair Transplantation Stages

DHI Hair Transplantation Stages

  • The person's overall health status and suitability for the DHI procedure are assessed during the pre-procedure interview, and certain blood tests are requested.
  • The front hairline and the planting strategy of the needed locations are decided by planning prior to hair transplantation.
  • The donor location is localized with painless local anesthetic, and the patient feels no discomfort at all during the surgery.
  • The amount of graft needed from the donor area is harvested one by one with a specific punch and micro moto R in the FUE process.

DHI Technique Or Fue Technique Should Be Preferred?

Anyone considering hair transplantation would prefer to have the treatment performed in a reputable facility using the most advanced procedures. At this point, it is important to remember that the most appropriate approach is decided and the entire hair transplantation plan is drawn up before the treatment as a consequence of objectively evaluating a variety of scenarios ranging from a person's loss to the requirement for grafts.

Because of the DHI technique's low cost and the fact that it is a novel technology, many people believe it is the best technique for humans. For example, 4000 grafts

DHI Technique Or Fue Technique Should Be Preferred?

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DHI Hair Transplant Difference

+50,000 Successful Treatment

+50,000 Successful Treatment

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Experienced, Experienced Team

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3+ Specialist Doctors

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High Medical Standard

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DHI Hair Transplant Prices

DHI and FUE-Sapphire techniques should be planned individually after evaluating factors such as the clarity of the person, the state of shedding and the need for transplantation, whether the procedure is shaved or unshaven. While FUE-Sapphire is preferably a more accurate technique in wide openings, the DHI technique stands out for people who will have a tightening procedure on the hairy areas. Whichever technique is found to be more appropriate as a result of expert evaluation will be the most efficient result for that person.

Since the Choi pens and needles used in DHI hair transplantation will be renewed depending on use and the DHI technique will take longer in terms of time, it is more costly than the FUE-Sapphire technique. Since the practitioner will be specially trained for the DHI technique, this will also be reflected in the labor cost.

DHI Hair Transplant Prices


DHI Hair Transplant Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the DHI technique suitable for everyone?

    While the DHI technique is the preferred option in some cases, it can sometimes be advantageous or disadvantageous compared to the Sapphire-FUE technique. E.g; Sapphire FUE or DHI both can be preferred for someone who needs 2500-3000 grafts with the anterior right and left temple areas completely opened. Both techniques have their advantages over each other. However, while Sapphire FUE technique is more advantageous in people who need a high number of grafts, DHI technique is more advantageous in unshaven hair transplantation.

  • How many grafts can be transplanted in one session in DHI technique?

    DHI technique takes longer time than FUE-Sapphire technique. In the Sapphire FUE technique, 2 people can implant, while in the DHI technique, a single person can apply the implant. For this reason, considering the time the grafts wait outside, a maximum of 3000-3500 grafts can be transplanted in one session with the DHI technique.

  • What is the biggest advantage of DHI technique over Sapphire FUE technique?

    In the DHI technique, the graft is placed in a needle-tipped metal channel and the graft is left by entering the skin with a needle at an appropriate angle. In other words, the possibility of trauma to the graft during transplantation is much less compared to the FUE sapphire technique.

  • Can the DHI technique and the Sapphire FUE technique be applied in the same session?

    Yes, it can be applied. If there is a spill table suitable for applying both techniques, for example; For a person whose anterior region is completely shedding, the hairy area in the middle region is healthy, and who has the complaint of thinning in the crown region, the fully opened area in the front region is suitable for the FUE sapphire technique, and the hairy area in the crown region is more suitable for the DHI technique. Both techniques can be applied together in this and similar processes.

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First, special thanks to Mr. Serhat, Yakup and Seçkin for their long conversations and efforts. We talked about medicine, medical technologies, health system, education, technical approaches, fine details and good points, which carry the job from being a job to be an art without being bored.


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