Female Hair Transplant

If hair loss occurs at a specific rate, it is considered normal for hair health. After the weakened hair is lost to repair itself, healthy hair grows back in a natural process. It is, nevertheless, considered healthy if it is maintained at a particular level.

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Female Hair Transplant
Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss in women;

  • Genetic predisposition,
  • Seasonal changes
  • Stress,
  • Not enough feeding
  • Losing weight
  • It may occur due to reasons such as hormonal disorders.

However, long-term hair loss can also be one of the symptoms of serious diseases. Hormonal imbalance, iron deficiency, hypothyroidism, B12 deficiency, stress, malnutrition may be one of the underlying causes of hair loss.

The Most Common Types of Hair Loss in Women

Androgenetic alopecia (male pattern hair loss): Genetic type hair loss usually increases gradually with age.

Telogen effluvium (Periodic accelerated hair loss): Accelerated hair loss after events such as stress, diet, surgery, febrile illness, childbirth. It usually stops on its own and comes off again.

Alopecia areata (hair breaker): It is a coin-like baldness that occurs due to the destruction of the immune cells called lymphocytes in the skin by attacking the hair root. It usually heals almost completely with treatment.

The Most Common Types of Hair Loss in Women
Hair Loss Diagnosis and Treatment Process

Hair Loss Diagnosis and Treatment Process

As Dr.Hair Este Clinic, we primarily focus on finding the underlying problem for our female patients who come with the complaint of hair loss. We also evaluate the results of some tests such as Iron, Iron binding, Ferritin, Zinc, Tsh, T3, T4, B12 in the blood after hair analysis, especially before deciding on treatment in our female patients. After reviewing the results with our doctor, our expert team creates a detailed treatment plan, taking into account all the information about our patient.

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Hair Transplantation Expertise for Women


Our experts, who have completed more than 50,000 successful procedures, have a lot of experience in hair transplantation.


Grafts are only removed by our specialists. With their experience, they are among the distinguished people of the profession.


We consider even the smallest detail for our valuable patients by using high standard equipment.

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Our steps to intervene and stop hair loss in women in the early period;

We begin the treatment planning process after recognizing medical issues that may cause difficulties such as a wide forehead, sparseness, weaker hair, and thinner skin in women using blood and hormone tests. After diagnosing the underlying reason of shedding, extensive hair analysis and examination, as well as developing a specific treatment technique, provide advantages in terms of arriving at a realistic solution and matching the patient's expectations, as well as pleasant psychological impacts.

Our steps to intervene and stop hair loss in women in the early period
Hair Treatments for Women

Hair Treatments for Women

Minoxidil: Minoxidil topical solution is the only FDA-approved androgen-independent treatment. Minoxidil, which is applied topically to the scalp, shows effects that can slow down and stop hair loss. It is recommended to use the 2% form in women.

PRP: It is the process of separating the plasma part of the blood taken from the patient after the centrifugation process and applying the liquid with high platelet content to the scalp. Plasma, which contains a high amount of platelets, is injected into the scalp and provides nourishment to the scalp and hair follicles in areas where hair loss accelerates.

Healthy Nutrition: It is a complementary and preventive treatment method combined with proper nutrition and detecting and treating the vitamin and mineral deficiencies underlying hair loss.

Hair Treatments for Women

Mesotherapy: It is the injection of a nourishing mixture containing multivitamins, minerals and amino acids needed by the hair follicles and hair onto the scalp. This application is more effective than externally applied products. Because it directly penetrates the hair follicles. The rich mixture injected under the skin accelerates blood circulation and the mixture reaches all hair follicles and provides nourishment to the scalp and hair follicles.

Hair Transplantation: Considering the distribution of patients who applied to the centers for hair transplantation and hair treatments, although male patients are in the majority, there is no gender discrimination at this point. As a result of the evaluation of our doctor and our expert team, every woman or man who is found suitable for hair transplantation can have hair transplantation.

In this method, which is decided by considering all the results after the evaluation of the experts and the team in the field, the Unshaven Hair Transplantation method is generally preferred in order not to affect the social life of women.

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Hair Transplantation Difference for Women

+50,000 Successful Treatment

+50,000 Successful Treatment

Experienced, Experienced Team

Experienced, Experienced Team

3+ Specialist Doctors

3+ Specialist Doctors

High Medical Standard

High Medical Standard

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Hair Transplantation Stages in Women

The back of the head is shaved so that it is not visible between the two ears, and a small window is opened in this technique. A donor region is produced in this procedure by opening a window in the nape area. As a result, it is unclear whether or not the procedure was carried out.

The follicular units are extracted with the help of a micro motor with a 0.6 mm or 0.8 mm diameter tip after local anesthetic is delivered to the patient with a painless and needle-free customized injection pistol.                      

Afterwards, micro channels are opened to the areas where shedding occurs and hair follicles are transplanted one by one, taking into account the direction and angle of hair growth.

Planting process is carried out with smooth and sharp Sapphire tips.

If the hair transplant is a tightening process between the existing hair, then the transplant is performed using the DHI technique.

The most important point to be considered here is that after the underlying causes of hair loss are found and treated, after the evaluation of the experts, the hair transplantation technique that will be personalized and most appropriate is determined and performed in sterile operation rooms in the hospital environment by expert teams.

Hair Transplantation Stages in Women


Hair Transplantation Frequently Asked Questions for Women

  • What is the cause of hair loss in women?

    Hair loss in women is different from male pattern hair loss, it is excessive thinning and weakening of the hair rather than shedding, which makes the hairy area sparse or open in women. At the beginning of the causes of hair loss in women; hormonal disorders, ferritin, iron, vitamin E deficiency, frequent and excessive weight gain and loss, cosmetic products.

  • Is the hair completely shaved?

    In women, most of the hair follicles are removed from the window-shaped area that is shaved from the donor area. The window should be opened so that the existing unshaved hair can cover the shaved area. Apart from the window technique, it is also possible for women to completely shave their hair.

  • How successful is hair transplantation in women?

    Except for people who have had hair transplantation due to forehead opening, all necessary blood and hormone tests should be investigated before hair transplantation is planned, and if there is a suitable space for transplantation or if the hair looks like extremely thinned hair, transplantation can be considered. Apart from this table, it should be aimed to revitalize existing hair with supportive treatment products.

  • Which treatments can be applied other than hair transplantation?

    Hair transplantation in women is considered as the last option after the necessary examinations are made, if the current picture does not respond to all treatments. These treatments are; PRP, mesotherapy, hair serum with growth factor, suitable and high quality shampoo and hair care products are auxiliary treatments to protect the existing hair health and support the formation of new hair.

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Reviews of Our Patients

Number of Grafts: 5300 Greft
Operation: FUE - Sapphire
Country: Turkey

Ali Güngör’s Hair Transplantation Experience

First, special thanks to Mr. Serhat, Yakup and Seçkin for their long conversations and efforts. We talked about medicine, medical technologies, health system, education, technical approaches, fine details and good points, which carry the job from being a job to be an art without being bored.


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