Mesotherapy Treatment

Hair mesotherapy is a therapeutic approach that involves injecting vitamin, amino acid, and mineral mixes into the epidermis where the hair grows. The components that feed the hair follicles settle easily in the hair thanks to this treatment procedure. The thinned hair thickens, the shedding stops, and the hair takes on a lot more alive and lustrous structure than typical after the treatment.

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Mesotherapy Treatment
How Many Sessions of Hair Mesotherapy Should Be Applied?

The fact that hair fades out quickly as a result of dirty air and chalky city water is a common complaint among women. As a result, hair mesotherapy can be said to solve a significant problem. Furthermore, the hair is one of the first places where negative emotions in the body are reflected, thus any tension causes wear. Hair mesotherapy will be a very useful remedy when all of these factors are taken into account.

How Many Sessions of Hair Mesotherapy Should Be Applied?

The hair mesotherapy treatment procedure is applied in 4-6 sessions, with 2 weeks between each session, depending on the necessity and the person's response. Its effectiveness can also be boosted by combining it with other hair-supporting treatments.

How is Hair Mesotherapy Applied?

Hair mesotherapy is a ready-to-use cocktail vial remedy. The person being treated should have a clean, oil-free, and dry scalp. With very thin mesotherapy application needles, very small volumes of mesotherapy content are injected into the scalp to the places where mesotherapy is needed. The dose of mesotherapy to be delivered to the skin should be adjusted evenly for an effective treatment. Massage is used to disperse the mesotherapy material, which is given uniformly to the entire hairy area.

The application takes 10-15 minutes on average and the needle tips used are very small needles to give controlled doses. It is the kind of pain that anyone with a low pain threshold can easily bear. If the person wishes, it can also be done by anesthetizing with local anesthesia.

How is Hair Mesotherapy Applied?

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Benefits of Hair Mesotherapy for Hair

Benefits of Hair Mesotherapy for Hair

  • It slows down hair loss and stops it over time.
  • The concentrated form of vitamins and minerals needed by weak hair caused by malnutrition is injected into the hair root and supports hair health.
  • It stimulates hairy, telogen phase, non-growing hair follicles and helps them to form healthy hair.
  • It suppresses the excess DHT hormone that triggers hair loss in men.
  • It increases collagen production and makes existing hair look more lively and healthy thanks to cell renewal.

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+50,000 Successful Treatment

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Mesotherapy Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does hair mesotherapy consist of?

    Hair mesotherapy is the process of injecting vitamins, minerals and various components needed by the hair into the scalp with very small needles. The content of hair mesotherapy; It consists of components that act directly on the hair root, such as some vitamins and minerals, keratin, amino acids, zinc, hyaluronic acid.

  • Does hair mesotherapy remove hair?

    Hair mesotherapy; It is a preferred support treatment application to make weakened, stunted or slowed down, thin and lifeless hair healthy and to prevent hair loss that increases with shedding. There should be healthy or weak active hair follicles in the area where mesotherapy will be applied. It does not cause new hair growth when used for areas with completely opened and full baldness.

  • PRP or more useful hair mesotherapy?

    The answer to this question should be given individually after investigating the underlying causes of the picture that will require treatment. While PRP is effective for weakened hair follicles due to lack of circulation, heavy smoking and anemia, mesotherapy will be more appropriate for the picture caused by zinc and biotin deficiency.

  • How many sessions of mesotherapy should be applied?

    Mesotherapy application has a treatment protocol of 6 sessions, which is applied with 2 weeks intervals. However, in order to protect the existing hair of everyone with good or bad hair health, prp-mesotherapy applications twice a year during seasonal transitions can prevent hair loss during these periods.

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