The 10-day washing process after hair transplantation not only moisturizes the skin with a nourishing and restorative lotion, but also helps to eliminate the dark, clotted, uncomfortable appearance caused by light bleeding in the form of leakage after the procedure.

Step 1

İlk yıkama işlemden sonraki 2. gün (48 saat sonra) yapılır, bu süre zarfında ekim alanına su değdirilmeden vücut banyosu yapılabilir.

Step 2

Before washing, the forehead band and the bandage on the nape are carefully removed without damaging the planting area.

Step 3

The repair lotion box given by our center is shaken and the whole area is covered with a thin layer so that there are no gaps in the planting area. It spreads homogeneously in the direction of the hair follicles with small touches. It can be applied to the donor area by applying a thin layer. After applying the lotion, wait 20-30 minutes.

Step 4

The spray is purified with small touches under warm and non-pressurized running water, and the donor area is cleaned with a rubbing motion.

Step 5

After the lotion is completely cleansed, the special shampoo given is rubbed with sufficient amount of wet hands and foamed, and applied with light touches to both the planting area and the donor area from which the roots are taken.

Step 6

1-2 minutes after the shampoo is applied, it is cleaned under warm and non-pressurized water.

Önemli Not !

Untreated areas outside the transplant area and donor area can be dried with a paper towel. To dry the planting area, towels, napkins, etc. Do not use materials. Drying can be done from a distance of 20-30 cm in the warm mode of the blow dryer.

After the first wash, this process is repeated every day, send a photo to your health consultant after each wash.


Post Operative Hair Wash Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it washed every day after hair transplantation?

    Yes, the transplanted hair should be washed every day in order to remove the crusts formed after transplantation. If washing is not done, there may be a problem in feeding the roots.

  • When should the first wash be done?

    In the dhi method, we can easily wash the hair on the first day after planting. In the classical FUE method, generally 3-4. First wash can be done on days

  • When do crusts fall out after hair transplantation?

    With the first wash after planting, the crusts begin to soften and fall off. Shedding in the first days is very small. 8-10. The hair should be washed with more impact in the washings between days and at the end of the 10th day, the crusts should be completely shed.

  • What should be the washing frequency after hair transplantation?

    In practice, hair transplant centers behave differently. We recommend washing the hair at least once during the winter months. In summer, it is okay to increase the frequency of washing up to 5-6 times a day.

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